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If you are arrested for DUI (drunk driving) in Georgia, you may have only 30 calendar days to request a hearing or your license will be suspended!

When you need the finest DUI lawyer on your side, call Lon Kemeness!


Georgia’s Driving Under the Influence (DUI) “Per Se” laws make it a crime to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher.

Even if your driving ability is not compromised, you can be arrested for being above this “Per Se” limit.


Field sobriety tests are completely voluntary – you cannot be punished for declining to take them.

If you are arrested after failing these tests, it’s never too late to challenge those results!

DUI (Drunk Driving)
Attorney Lon Kemeness focuses extensively on the defense of DUI’s and drug related charges.  As your DUI lawyer, he will fight aggressively for you. He understands that it isn’t just your freedom and driving privileges that are on the line, but your reputation, career, and future.

Mr. Kemeness does things differently than other DUI lawyers. He will work to evaluate the evidence in your case and put a plan into action to defend your charges.

Mr. Kemeness works to maintain an excellent working relationship with prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement personnel throughout the state. You can hire him as your lawyer with confidence, knowing that he will do everything he can to represent your interests and protect your rights.

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Drug Crimes
As your lawyer, Lon Kemeness will keep fighting the Government against all odds on your behalf. He will fight aggressively for you. He understands that your freedom is on the line. His qualifications and training often result in reduced or eliminated jail time.

Mr. Kemeness works to maintain an excellent working relationship with prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement personnel throughout the state.

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Habeas Corpus

Lon Kemeness also handles post-judgment appeals and habeas corpus petitions. With 27 years of legal experience, and having argued numerous case on appeal including arguments before the Supreme Court of Georgia and Georgia Court of Appeals, he is familiar with the critical concerns of clients facing a criminal conviction.

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Appeals & Parole Hearings
Lon Kemeness has represented many prisoners in their parole hearings in an attempt to gain early release.  Call (229)388-1394 if you or a loved one needs the assistance of a qualified attorney.
If you or a loved one is facing murder charges, you need to contact an experienced and aggressive lawyer immediately. Lon Kemeness has taken many murder cases to trial with favorable outcomes.  His reputation and expertise has placed him on six death penalty cases, all resulting in life sentences.

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As a top criminal defense lawyer in South Georgia with 27 years of experience, Lon. Kemeness has built his reputation on his tenacious trial experience and favorable results. Against all odds, Mr. Kemeness will keep fighting for your rights.  Mr. Kemeness is professional and confidential.

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Bond & Probation Hearings
Many individuals who have been arrested for a criminal offense, even a DUI, do not realize the importance of the bond hearing until it is too late. Each case is individual and unique.  It is critical you contact Lon Kemeness to advise you on your case.

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Underage Possession (Minor In Possession - MIP)
If your son or daughter has been arrested for possession of alcohol or drugs, please call Lon Kemeness at  229-388-1394 right away! Your child’s future can be affected by a few moments of bad judgement.

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